Background Info and Papers

Net Metering Facts

A good overview of some key talking points on why net metering is important for West Virginians

Solar Discrimination against non-profits and businesses

West Virginia’s businesses, churches, and non-profits get paid 60% less for their solar than a     homeowner next door.  This isn’t fair.  Read WV-SUN’s paper that details the problem and the solution.

WV Solar White Paper

The Mountain Institute and Downstream Strategies published a paper in January 2014 that looks at the economic impact that solar would have in West Virginia if the legislature and Public Service Commission undertook five specific policies.  This is the comprehensive resource for how we can support local renewable energy in West Virginia.

The Power Line Blog

The Power Line, the View from Calhoun County, written by West Virginia’s own Bill Howley is a wonderful resource for learning more about how WV policy and regional electricity markets work.