Other Project Models

Image courtesy of MTV Solar

Image courtesy of MTV Solar

Want to take your community organization or nonprofit solar? There are a wide range of project models that you can use to make solar happen. Community Power Network, our parent organization, has put together a list of different project models for going solar.

We’re also compiling a list of creative project models people have used here in West Virginia. People are  coming up with creative new ideas all the time! Check out the examples below and let us know if we’re missing your project! If you’re interested in starting a project using one of these models, contact Dan Conant to talk about making it happen.

West Virginia Project Models

Barn Raising

With the barn raising approach, community members come together to install solar on their homes or a community  building. A solar installer or electrician provides the technical knowledge, while community members provide labor and learn about solar in the process. This helps keep down costs and allows everyone in the community to get involved. New Vision Renewable Energy in Philipi, WV organizes solar barn-raisings. They’ve also set up a cooperative solar time bank, where members volunteer their time to help neighbors install systems in exchange for a free solar system for their own home.

A solar barn raising group with New Vision Renewable Energy.

A solar barn raising group with New Vision Renewable Energy. Image courtesy of New Vision Renewable Energy.

Do-It-Yourself Solar

If you have some knowledge, building your own solar panels from scratch is a way to reduce the cost of going solar. The Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Association (REEVA) of Virginia is a Do-It-Yourself club to help members do solar/wind installations and build electric vehicles at project homes, cutting the cost by removing labor. The Club gets together periodically to put together systems or install projects at a member’s home.

Image courtesy of Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Association

Installing a DIY ground-mounted solar array. Image courtesy of Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Association.

And, more examples coming soon!