Lewisburg City Hall

1932498_494028637370235_824836469_oLewisburg’s about to get even cooler.   Solar Holler is working with residents around Lewisburg on an innovative crowdfunding program that will put solar on the roof of City Hall.  And the best part?  It won’t cost the City anything more than what they’re paying Mon Power right now, without any upfront cost.

How does it work?   We’re asking homes and businesses around Lewisburg to work with Solar Holler and Mosaic Power to reduce the pollution coming from their electric water tanks with remote controls that respond to the electric grid in real time.  For more information about Mosaic Power, check out mosaicpower.com.

By using our electricity more efficiently through smart remote controls, we’ll generate a new incentive program that will help pay for the City’s new solar system.  By installing a Mosaic remote control on their electric water tanks, each participating home and business will be contributing $100 per year to help build more solar energy right in Lewisburg.  Plus, every remote control will eliminate as much pollution as 6 solar panels!

How many supportive families and businesses do we need to make the project happen?  Just 50.  Will you be one of them?